Vacation Home Mortgages

We now provide some of the greatest vacation home mortgages Toronto ON has to offer. With low mortgage rates, fast no hassle approvals and friendly customer service; It’s no wonder why people are turning to us for a loan over their own bank.

Vacation Home Mortgages TorontoPeople who are looking to purchase a vacation property are usually looking for both or, one of two things:

  • A beautiful and relaxing getaway from daily living
  • An income property that they can rent to vacationers

Owing a vacation home is a dream that most people have but, are unable to afford. It’s hard enough to keep up with home mortgage payments as it is. Thankfully, our vacation home mortgage lending services in Toronto are equipped to help those with a small budget.

We can help you realize your dream of owning a recreational property, while keeping your finances in check.


Securing Your Recreational Vacation Home Loan

Once you figure out the type of vacation property you want, you can focus on securing the loan to make the purchase. There are several popular types of recreation and vacation properties that can be mortgaged, such as:

  • Winter, Summer or All Season Cottages
  • Ski Chalets or Villa’s
  • Fishing or Hunting Cabins
  • Boat Houses

Vacation Property LoanSadly, In order to secure a vacation home mortgage loan you will need to qualify. Much like a residential home mortgage, the person buying the property must gain approval from the vacation home mortgage lender.

With our company, some of the criteria we take into consideration when approving a vacation house mortgage loan for a borrower are:

  • Credit rating score
  • Employment, Salary
  • Current finances
  • Assets and existing debts

While banks and other lending institutions may have strict guidelines when approving mortgage loans; We take a more liberal approach and can make exceptions when possible. In many cases, we are able to approve your loan when the bank won’t, at lower mortgage rates.


Get Your Vacation Property Mortgage Approved Fast

Vacation Home Mortgage ApplicationIf you would like to speak with a professional mortgage agent about obtaining a vacation home mortgage in Toronto Ontario Canada, we want to hear from you. It would be our pleasure to assist you, in any way we can, and help you secure your vacation property mortgage at the best rate possible.

Our vacation home mortgage loan processing times are fast. This means you can be approved and have the funds in your account in a matter of days.

We will work with you to figure out the best loan options for your budget and needs. As well, we can guide you through the application process, removing the hassle and making things easier by helping you and answering all your questions. We offer vacation home mortgages Toronto home buyers simply can’t refuse.

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