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We offer a wide array of mortgage services in Toronto and the (GTA). Whether you are a first time home buyer, looking for refinancing or second & 3rd mortgages, we can help you.

Backed by one of the best Mortgage Brokers Toronto has to offer, we can finance just about any size Residential or Commercial Mortgage. As well, we cater to those in need of home improvement upgrades, renovations or house repair loans.

Unlike many banks and other financing institutions in Toronto, we provide a much more personal and customer friendly approach. We do our best to eliminate the pains and hassles that come with most mortgage lenders. Our main goal is to get your mortgage approved as quickly and easily as possible.


Select Your Mortgage Service Requirements

Mortgage ServicesFor detailed information on your mortgage needs, click on the service you require below:

Home Mortgages:
Information on the basics of home mortgages including variable & fixed rate mortgages and open & closed mortgages.

First Home Mortgages:
Information for those looking to buy their first home and require a mortgage.

Second Mortgage:
Details for people looking to get a second mortgage on an existing home or property.

3rd Mortgages:
Find information on getting 3rd mortgages on your existing home or property.

Second Home Mortgages:
Information on getting a second home mortgage. As well as 3rd and 4th home mortgages.

Vacation Home Mortgages:
Details on getting a vacation home mortgage.

Private Mortgages:
Information for people seeking private mortgage lenders.

Commercial Mortgages:
Information for people looking for commercial mortgage loans.

Mortgage Rates:
Information on mortgage rates in Toronto.

Mortgage Refinancing:
Information on refinancing/renewing your home mortgage.


Get Free Mortgage Guidance From Lui Tartaglia – Licensed Mortgage Agent

We understand that dealing with Mortgages can be overwhelming. We want to make your experience as easy and stress free as possible.

If at any time you have any questions, need help or want to get a Free Mortgage Consultation. Lui Tartaglia will personally help you with everything you need. Simply call us at Tel# 647-883-7069 or visit our contact us page.