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Mortgage Rates Toronto OntarioHome buyers looking for the best mortgage rates Toronto has to offer usually end up in a bad deal. Lured by the promise of low mortgage rates, most home buyers are unaware of the hidden dangers hiding in the fine print.

In many cases, home buyers won’t qualify for the advertised mortgage rate or, that rate will have expired and is now much higher. As well, some low interest mortgage rates come with binding terms and conditions which may prove to cause problems upon trying to renegotiate mid term if other opportunities arise.

Another thing to consider when it comes to finding the lowest mortgage rates in Toronto is timing. As mortgage rates fluctuate up and down, so will the cost of your mortgage payments. No one can tell the future but if quick closing is an issue please give us a call. We can usually offer a very satisfactory rate for quick closing dates.

It is always best to speak with one of our mortgage specialists to find out the best time to lock in your mortgage. This way, you can take advantage of the best Toronto mortgage tailored to your requirements.


Current Mortgage Rates (Ontario, Canada)

As of June 3, 2013

Mortgage Rates



Variable Rate Purchases


1 Year


2 Year


3 Year


4 Year


5 Year Fixed Please Call for Specials


7 Year


10 Year This could be your last mortgage ever!


Variable Rate Open (line of credit)


  • If you have a mortgage over 4% call today to lower your monthly expenses.

Our lowest mortgage rates change frequently as we often receive short-term rate promotions daily. These promotions are never posted online. Meet with one of our Mortgage Agents to get the best mortgage solution for you!


10 Year Fixed Rate Special 3.79% Your last mortgage ever

5 Year Variable rate mortgage at Prime – .35% (2.65%) Purchase Only

Open line of Credit at Prime + .50% (3.50%)(some conditions apply)

5 Year Fixed Mortgage with 5.0% Cashback at 4.85% No down Payment Required

Many of our rates can be guaranteed for up to 4 months! This means if you secure a mortgage in April, the rate is guaranteed until August* If you are buying a home (in Canada) now, or switching from a current lender, you can secure these rates NOW by contacting us today.

Rates subject to change without notice, (OAC) On Approved Credit as Clients applying for all items and rates attached to them must qualify and are subject to conditions and limitations stipulated by the lenders. Some Conditions Apply