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When individuals that own property need a loan, they turn to us. We provide a hassle free home equity loan Toronto homeowners can count on.

Home Equity Loans TorontoOur profesional equity financing services can provide you with the cash you need while using your home as collateral. Did you know? If a homeowner has enough equity in his home, an equity loan is a great way to secure much needed funds. Loan repayment can be made over an agreed period of time, usually on a monthly basis.

Home equity loans come in two main types:

  • Fixed rate loans
  • Home equity line of credit

Both loan types have set terms, normally anywhere between five to fifteen years.

Fixed rate home equity loans provide an up-front payment in the exchange for regular reimbursements for the agreed term, and at an interest rate that is constant throughout the life of the loan.

Home equity credit lines work like credit cards. Where the person taking the loan is approved for the set amount of credit, and he is authorized to take the money when the need arises. Payments on this loan depend on the amount of cash borrowed as well as the current interest rates.


Benefits of Our Home Equity Loan Financing

Home Equity Line of CreditConvenience: Home equity loans offers easy accessibility to funds. You get the flexibility of borrowing what you require when you want. There is no hassle to apply for any new of line of credit.

Stress Relief: It’s true, just knowing that you have the funds that you require now or, may require in the future can feel like a large weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Securing the funding you need is always great for relieving stress from financial worry.

Low Interest Rates and High Credit Limits: Since this loan is backed by your home, the interest rate on the home equity loans is as low as mortgage interest rates. Compared to other unsecured lines of credit such as credit cards or personal loans; Home equity loans in Toronto allow you to access a much bigger line of credit than other lending institutions can offer.

Emergency Funds: A number of homeowners start home equity credit lines and allow them to stay idle. They reserve them for emergencies. If you don’t draw from your loan, you don’t have to make monthly payments or pay interest. The money will remain available until you need it.


Why Do Homeowners Need Home Equity Credit Lines?

Many homeowners regularly borrow funds against their homes for several reasons. Some of the most common reasons people finance their loans with us are:

  • Home Improvement or Repairs
  • Debt Consolidation / Repayment
  • Medical Expenses
  • Education / College Tuition
  • Living Expenses Due to Loss of Wages
  • Big Item Purchases – Cars, Boats, Equipment etc.


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We can help you secure a home equity loan when the bank won’t.

We work closely with you to ensure everything is done to obtain a loan against your home at the best interest rate possible.

As well, we work fast to make sure you get the funds sooner than later.

If you are in need of a loan and you own your own home. We can get you the cash you need fast.

Our home equity credit lines and fixed rate equity loans are available to all Ontario resident homeowners.

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